AtypicalSmile was born from the meeting of two atypical scientists, Stephanie and Michal:

Stephanie is a university researcher who, for personal reasons, has had to face the challenge of finding appropriate carers and activities for a child with autism. Quickly, others in the same situation started asking her for assistance, and it became increasingly obvious that the methods available were far from optimal, relying mainly on word-of-mouth. Clearly, it would be better to have a web tool allowing families to find various types of practical information quickly and efficiently for their loved one with special needs.

Michal is a university professor, father of one boy, who spent a substantial amount of his non-existent spare time creating organisations to help people connect and help each other. He also happens to be apt at bending computers to his will, such as creating various web services. Upon hearing Stephanie's project, he suggested they team up to concentrate on the most central and pressing part of the problem: easily connecting family and carers.

The two of us thus embarked on an adventure together creating AtypicalSmile, whose ultimate ambition is to facilitate the life of families of people with special needs through judicious use of computers and the web. This is our first step, we hope you'll like it that you'll join us.